Cost: 1.

Acción: cura 2 de Daño a cualquier personaje.

"¿Sigue llamándose 'primeros auxilios' si es ya el segundo día que me paso en el hospital?" -- Clint Barton
Caja básica #86.
Primeros auxilios

It can be used in both alter-ego and hero forms and help top-off your character when you are getting a bit worried. It might even keep you from the need to do a recovery turn. When you bring that into the potential for the card, it might be adding additional threat reduction or damage in on a turn where you wouldn't have had one.

I don't find myself needing to recover or heal much throughout a game, so I don't include this often. I don't tend to consider this one often unless I am using the leadership aspect. A friendly ally with Inspired on them can do some serious work if they find themselves getting First Aid even a single time throughout the battle. Even without the Inspired, this could be an extra 4 threat / 4 damage provided.

Bronze · 113