My favorite Hero in the game! Her base stats could have all been 0 and I would still use her. She can do anything and everything. It’s so much fun constructing decks with her. She’s amazing!

Even a simple thing like being able look at the top of your deck before attacking with Hulk is unexpectedly great! Love it!

Chiznad · 7
Thruster Boots

This is "Tech" traited not a weapon. Was starting to doubt if Salvage could pick it up based on this, but it still can.

To fill words.. nice card that really makes Rocket a natural thwarter and opens him up to the new aerial cards.

jrec15 · 53
Photographic Reflexes

I can't figure out why some players are having doubts about the difference between an attacking player (hero, ally or any Attack card) and the player's identity, that is always taking the damages, despite the way Taskmaster has been attacked.

elsapo · 1

I want to like this card but am finding it tough to justify so far. What I like about it over electrostatic armor is you don't have to defend. However the issue is characters taking a "no defend" strategy that this card can enable are likely going to take damage pretty frequently. That makes the condition on this hard to meet. This in addition to the fact that it requires a lot of setup, either getting an HP upgrade in your hero deck or endurance or ideally both, to have a chance at keeping the condition active.

All in all it just fits ends up fitting more in an actual defense deck alongside electrostatic armor which is fine, but I wish it was more viable outside of that. Hopefully more cards enable it more in "no defense" in the future

jrec15 · 53
Follow Through

I'm also intrigued in knowing how this will work with Wasp's Giant ability... Let's assume I have 2 Follow Through in play, and I have two engaged minions with 1 HP remaining each. If I attack them, using Hand Cannon's boost and deal 2 and 2 damage... this means that the villain will be dealt 6 damage, or I'll be able to trigger each Follow Through just once? (because it's just one attack)

wehehe · 4
I believe it is 6 damage to the villain as its similar to the ruling on Melee and Ms Marvel's Embiggen!. Together it combos for 5 damage and 5 damage on 2 different enemies. — MillerTime · 1