Feral is a pretty underwhelming ally overall but has a little value in a Digging Deep + White Fox deck or Domino. We'd expect a cost of 3 for a 2 THW, 2 ATK, 3 HP ally, so is the Response ability worth the extra cost of 4? On efficiency, it checks out since she'll do 2 extra damage at worst for 1 more resource, but that extra damage can only go the villain, which is a big downside. I won't be throwing Feral into a deck for value alone, but as a combo piece she is acceptable.

Stretch22 · 436

This card is really good with Ms. Marvel. With her kit she can generate a wild resource for an event. Adding on top of that Shrink, this makes for a very cheap threat removal tool. Especially useful in multiplayer where multiple Schemes are often in play.

LEKO · 20
Marvel Girl

Rachel is my absolute favorite Marvel character and it is a shame she gets next to zero representation in most games. She is in Marvel Champions as this Ally card and she's..... fine. She is not great, but she's also not awful. The statline is acceptable for a double 2 thwart into a block. Where she shines, however, are her traits. Being X-MEN and PSIONIC allows her to get you value from cards like Training cards and Cerebro and she benefits from both. She's also a solid choice in a Cyclops deck, where she can help her adopted Dad handle threat and attack minions he's targeted with Tactic cards.

If she didn't have her traits I'd rate her a solid C, but with them I think she can comfortably call herself a B Student at the school.

Soulfire · 16
Boom Boom

I hate that I hate this card. I love Tabitha as a character and I am always on the lookout for good Aggression allies, but unfortunately this isn't it. Her main issue is she gets value for you waiting. But... this is Aggression, an Aspect that almost forces you to rush. Sure, she'd be great if you could use her with Uncanny X-Force to thwart with her every turn while you wait for that build up, except that's not legal because there's no X-Force character like Cyclops that will let you run an Aggression ally in a Leadership deck. Tabitha is pulling herself in two different directions. Maybe if she was cheaper, but for 3 cost you are getting a 1 point action and a chump block, or having her do NOTHING for multiple turns and then chump blocking at the very end?

I am not sure what the design intent was for this was within the X-Force cycle, but Tabitha deserved better.

Soulfire · 16
The thing is that it also realllllllllllllly leans into her theme though. Plus, the benefit is that it does damage to all enemies, so is great against decks with a lot of minions, especially in multiplayer. Additionally, because it's dealing damage it avoids Retaliate. Sure, this card probably has less usefulness in true solo play, but I find that a lot of people get blinders when it comes to a lot of cards, not considering what usefulness they have in multiplayer...where rushing in Aggression isn't anywhere near as useful. — torghacker · 1

2 resources for 2 thwart is about as bad a rate as it gets, not to mention the up front cost to put this in play. There are a handful of upsides such as this being Psionic for Psimitar and giving you an excuse to play 3x The Power of the Mind without them going to waste on a resource-heavy hand. In protection or aggression, which struggle for unconditional threat removal, you could probably play this, but look to your basic allies first.

Stretch22 · 436