The most value for your buck thwart card there is! Seriously, you can THW 4 for 1 ... which isn't too hard to make happen with the justice aspect. This is going to hurt Expert Klaw with 2 side schemes at the start of the game...

neothechosen · 935
It's certainly a strong card, it does have tough competition from clear the area though. By default both cards remove 2 threat for a 2 card investment. The kicker for clear the area is that it's half the cost, whereas for multitasking the kicker is double the effect. This makes both cards very comparable. Personally I still think clear the area edges out because it doesn't require their to be 2 schemes in play, but but both are solid cards. — L3w15 7 · 670
Sense of Justice

Finally, Justice gets its resource equivalent to Martial Prowess and Nerves of Steel. It combos great with For Justice, Lay Down the Law, and Multitasking which get a boost with mental resource as payment. Also, it allows you to save your Quincarrier resource for other important resource triggers that may not have a mental requirement like Concussive Blow or paying to discard attachments. As always, it's good to get upgrades and supports down to thin your deck out for all the events and fresh allies to flow more.

DoxaLogos · 37

Another cheap allly for Justice! He's a cheap Daredevil who has the potential for more damage than DD. This will help round out the Justice pool. Of course, he should be an auto-include in any Scarlet Witch Justice setup, because of her ability to boost the boost icons with her crescent.

DoxaLogos · 37
Chaos Magic

Great card for getting high cost allies down or Avenger's Mansion on the board and still be able to play something worthwhile from your hand. Yes, you run the risk of burning through the encounter deck more frequently which is Scarlet Witch's jam. However, her built-in deck comes with less resources, so this makes up for it.

DoxaLogos · 37
Turn the Tide

Great card addition to Justice pool for dropping damage. Also, it stacks, so you can either do multiple attacks on multiple enemies or pile upon on a single target. Great way to turn a basic thwart into an attack for better efficiency.

DoxaLogos · 37