Aerial Intervention

This is the key protection Aerial event that will allow you to trigger Angel’s draw in the villain phase. You should obviously plan on exhausting an ally to use this, as if you exhaust your hero you could have just defended or recovered for about the same amount of damage prevented and not wasted a card. Outside of Angel’s pack, some of the best Aerial allies you might want to pick up are Starhawk, Vivian, or Snowguard. For heroes besides Angel, it’s still ok, but it’s awkward that it’s not a defense, which many protection decks would prefer, and without those synergies stunning and ally blocking is usually a better way to protect your hero.

Stretch22 · 347
Float Like a Butterfly

The wording is the same as Warrior Skill. So would this cause attacks with multiple instances to have each instance increased? Something like Melee can only target the enemy once (so 4 damage to a confused enemy and 3 damage to another). Buy Gambit's Royal Flush could hit the same enemy three times ans each instance would get plus one, right?

I think this card has a lot of value in multiplayer where one player can confuse and then other players can just pile on the damage. In solo, you can get more out of it by staying in hero mode.

Scotobot · 115
Yes, that is correct. Each instance increased by 1. And be careful in multiplayer - this can only increase the damage from the player who controls it — Stretch22 · 347
Machine Man

Typically with Basic cards, there is an additional cost levied because these cards can exist in any deck. And since this is a game predicated on reducing costs, a lot of basic cards never see the light of day.

But Machine man is an anomaly. He costs a little extra, but once you have him in play, he is a powerhouse. Think of all the times you have been at the end of the hero turn with cards in hand, and you can't use them. Machine Man provides you with an incredible way to clear your hand that either deals damage or thwarts, and then you can draw up an entirely new hand.

And since he has three health, you can leave him in the background to either strike or defend when necessary. His versatility is incredible, and to be honest, I think he's an absolute steal. Given what he does, I would have expected a cost of 3. Instead, you can chuck this guy into play for 2 and then have him do surgical strikes when you have cards you can't use this round.

He's a mercenary in the best sense. Love Machine Man.

MacGhille · 190

Taunt is one of the most exciting new cards from Angel’s pack. It follows the same mold of some cards we’ve seen before like Bait and Switch and Toe to Toe, but draw 3 is by far the strongest ability of the bunch. This can enable an explosive early turn if your hero has some spare hp to soak up a hit and works especially well with heroes Spider-Man (Peter) and Drax, who draw a card when attacked. Colossus is another interesting hero who is swimming in tough statuses to block the attack and can use help with the small hero hand size. Look for opportunities like these to take advantage of Taunt since between the two resources to play it up front and any potential resources spent to block or stun the attack, you could be net down on resources. Be careful the hero you use and scenario you face (you probably don’t want Venom Goblin attacking more than he needs to be), but Taunt can be an excellent tool in the right deck and might spawn a new archetype entirely.

Stretch22 · 347
Soaring Acrobatics

This really gets the gears turning as an upgrade to Thor. Four power attacks every turn or a three defense, if the mood strikes, could change the math is very positive way. And if push really comes to shove, doubling Thor's thwarting also makes up for lost time. I only wish the bonus lasted all phase, to take advantage of readying effects.