Photonic Blast


  • If you don’t pay for this with a -resource, then you pay 4 ER (Effective Resources) for only 5 damage, which is really bad.
  • If you do play with a -resource, this card (at worse) becomes 3 ER for 5 damage, which is good.
  • Of course the card you draw is potentially worth more than just a simple resource. It’s a new option or perhaps even a double/triple resource.
  • Clearly designed with Energy Absorption in mind.
  • This card (to a lesser extent due to its high cost) allows you the ability to dig for a card you really want/need.

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Francois · 16

Although it lacks the ability to transfer its benefit to another player, for any Avenger this should be strictly superior to the Helicarrier in solo mode. When used to play a card it is at worst functionally equivalent and providing even on the villain's turn is fantastic. It's easier to power your Rocket Boots Iron Man, charge up your Lightning Strike Thor, meet with the Superhuman Law Division She-Hulk, power Photonic Blast and Energy Channel Captain Marvel, or land a Heroic Strike Captain America. Of course there are many more potential interactions with allies and neutrals. Bear in mind it is unique when building group decks. I expect this should see play

FreqKing · 23
Crisis Interdiction


  • For 3 ER (Effective Resources) you get 2 threat worth of value, or 4 if you are Aerial.
  • If you are not Aerial, or if there is only one scheme to remove threat from, then this card is bad.
  • If you are both Aerial and there is more than one scheme out, this card becomes good value.
  • Since this card’s value is largely tied to Aerial, you need to add the subjective cost of getting the Aerial keyword, which depends on the value Aerial adds to your whole card pool.
  • Unfortunately the card is not worth playing with only Captain Marvel’s base Aerial cards and options.
  • See my Cosmic Flight review to read my full thoughts on Captain Marvel’s Aerial Options.

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Francois · 16
Cosmic Flight


I really do not like this card. If you don’t build your deck to accommodate it, it essentially results in 6 blank cards (Crisis Interdiction; Captain Marvel's Helmet; Cosmic Flight). But let’s try to review the card objectively.

  • For 3 ER (Effective Resources) you get the Aerial trait, as well as the ability to discard the card to prevent 3 damage.
  • Unfortunately the two effects are (largely) mutually exclusive. If you want Aerial you can’t use the Interrupt and if you do use the Interrupt, you lose Aerial.
  • This in effect means you are either playing the card to constantly have Aerial (with the Interrupt ability as a nice-to-have safety net) or you are building your deck around Captain Marvel's Helmet; Protection Aspect and the Interrupt ability, with Aerial as an accidental bonus here and there.
  • Paying 3 ER to get Aerial for only Crisis Interdiction and Captain Marvel's Helmet is too much of a tempo hit to make it worth it. As more cards are released that use the Aerial keyword, this card will undoubtedly become more valuable and a whole Aerial-Arche type will revolve around it.
  • Paying 3 ER to avoid 3 damage is not great, however if combined with the Protection Aspect and Captain Marvel's Helmet it becomes a case of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Against Villains that have abilities/effects that trigger off successfully dealing damage (ex Stampede; Rage of Ultron) this card gains extra utility and value.

All said, I still don’t like that unless you go for a very specific build, 6 of Captain Marvel’s cards (Crisis Interdiction; Captain Marvel's Helmet; Cosmic Flight) are essentially blank resources.

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Francois · 16
Legal Practice

I think it's fair to say that Legal Practice is very arguably the worst Hero card in the game. Giving a Hero the ability to remove threat on Alter-Ego is certainly powerful in concept and it follows that the payout should possibly be lower or the risk higher, but in practice (heh) Legal Practice is far too costly, especially in a Hero who is already gimped by a small hand size. The best case use for this card is as an Emergency to prevent a main scheme flip, and it feels bad that a Hero card is barely situationally better than one of the worst neutral cards in the game.

Sadly, this card almost single handedly does more to hurt She-Hulk than even her Hero hand size. It's a dead card often, mostly used as a blank resource.

I would love to see this card errata'd to read "remove 1 threat from each scheme for each card discarded this way."

What this does is it leaves Legal Practice as a bad card to use simply on the main scheme, but it offers some massive scaling depending on how bad your situation is. With a single side scheme out, it's on par with Crisis Interdiction. With 2 or more side schemes out, you could even sacrifice your whole turn to significantly wipe threat from the board, which seems like a rightly strong thing for a Hero card to be doing, giving it the Jessica Jones effect of being more powerful the more schemes are in play.

ChaosTheory · 99
So, I actually house ruled this change tonight and I think that the ability to deal with multiple problems with a single card is too good even if the threat per resource spent exchange rate isn't out of hand. For that reason, I'd say the better solution is to just change it from "remove 1 threat" to "remove 2 threat". That way it's not as flexible and more focused, but with the exact same exchange rate as For Justice and other strong Thwarting cards. — ChaosTheory · 99
I agree, I think a 1 to 2 ratio makes a lot of sense. and it makes it stronger than For Justice at it's weakest, which is 3:3 (2 cost+the For Justice Card = 3: remove 3 with no mind spent) where this would be 3:4 (Legal Practice+2 cards = 3: to remove 4), but not better than For Justice at it's best 2:4 (Power of Justice+For Justice:4 threat for mind spent). I dig it and will probably print up a custom V-Card to reflect the house rule'd change — M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 2 — M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 2