What is being cancelled as "Boost" effect? Is it the boost ability text only, or both boost icons and ability text? Target Acquired clarifies it's only the boost ability is why I ask (thus I am leaning the latter, it's both).

Tromdial · 5
Avengers Assemble!

I feel like this is an incredibly powerful card to play when you are first player in a multi-player game - assuming I'm reading this right you would basically beef up all the other players and their allies as well for the entire player phase for a possibly nutso round where you and your allies go twice and every other player does extra damage/thwart. Expensive and less useful in solo.

Time4Tiddy · 1
Justice Served

This card completes the 'basic action + succeed at something --> ready' cycle with Battle Fury and Desperate Defense. The thing about evaluating a card like this is that the ready has to be worth the least powerful of the two basic powers you used. For example, with a 3 THW 2 ATK hero, if you thwart, ready, then attack, you spent 2 resources to deal 2 damage...not a good deal. If you have at least 3 THW, situations where I like this include when there is a side scheme in play, so you can thwart twice; you flip to alter-ego and REC 3 or more; or, you've also gotten your ATK up to 3. Of course, we can push those hero stats even higher with Spider-Woman's hero ability, for example, or Quicksilver with Maximum Velocity, which is a big upside. It's also really nice that we can let this sit out as an upgrade until the perfect turn where it is worth it. I think the REC option makes this a passable floor for average heroes, and the ceiling is high with specific heroes. I will keep an eye on this for my Justice decks.

Stretch22 · 52
Energy Spear

This card seems surprisingly pushed to me. If it gives you 4 extra damage from two attacks, that's already amazing, and not asking you to do much more than you already would with a 3-health ally. Not to mention the huge upside of piercing and using this on a regenerating ally like Bug or Cosmo. With Honorary Guardian added to our card pool as well, there are lots of possibilities to get insane value out of this upgrade. I am excited to build around it.

Stretch22 · 52
It sits alphabetically right in front of Enraged - close enough to hear the other card crying. This was clearly an intentional design decision. — Death by Chocolate · 1
a nice combination is "cosmo" + "enraged" + "energy spear" in a Dr. Strange deck. You can do 6 damage each turn with no consecutive damage because you discard the top event card from your invocation deck, what could you ask more — krys619 · 2
You mean 5 damage? Cosmo‚Äôs base damage is 1. But yeah, you can stack them. — Death by Chocolate · 1