Magic Shield

I like that you can play this card out and save it until you need it, and I love being able to play it on a teammate. But don't get confused like I did originally and think that this card is an event instead of an upgrade!


Incredibly efficient ally that only requires one turn cycle to achieve full value. We love to see the "enters play" trigger and not the "played from hand" trigger for things like Make the Call. X-Force is a bit unfortunate of a trait since it won't work for Utopia or Training cards, but if you don't care about that Marrow is a great ally to play for value alone.

Stretch22 · 539
  • She varies a lot in power level depending if you play in solo or in multi. She is very swingy and multi gets rid of that by specializing her by getting 4-5 in ATK or THW.

  • Native Aerial is incredible now and Avenger is always good.

  • She needs heal/tanking because you can't rely on her (random) defense and can't ready easily if she REC.

  • She's fun though and I always liked her gameplay even though a bit frustrating when stucked in a form.

  • Her hero cards are pretty good BUT she lacks a way to ready easily and even more ways to swap energy forms (Storm does it much better).

  • Her resource generators are super good, followed by her change-form event, attack event an thwart event. (the defense one is very hard to play...).

  • I find Protection super good because of Ever Vigilant only (and maybe the new Aerial Intervention). She can deal damage, so this event will thwart for you and ready you to deal more damage...

  • Justice and/or Agression are also great to reach 4-5 in THW/ATK (with Specialized Training).

  • Leadership is good only because she kind of need bodies to tank for her and Avengers allies are great. You can also lean into Blue Marvel but I tried it and it wasn't very good).

  • In Basic some cards are almost auto-include : Deft Focus, Ready to Rumble/ways to ready, Crew Quarters/healing and maybe...Symbiote Suit.

captainfire · 287
The Direct Approach

This card is excellent if you are in aggression and have a lot of pesky side schemes to clear, but there are a few cards in particular you are going to be looking at running in tandem. Essentially you want to go for a Skilled Strike/Mean Swing/Hand Cannon/Combat Training build scheme. The strategy speaks for itself. You can potentially thwart with someone like Hulk for up to 5-6 damage and if you’re running BOTH Skilled Strike and Meanswing it could be as high as 8 thwart.

Additionally there is synergy here with the Aggression ally “Wasp”(Janet) because her card requires you to pay her cost with energy resources. Thus any deck that includes this card may want to consider her as well, in order to get some extra mileage alongside cards like Earth’s Mightiest Heroes(“exhaust an avenger to ready an avenger), which consequently ALSO has an energy resource icon.

Sadly this isn’t the best card for Hulk as his need to discard his entire hand at the end of the round while in alter ego mode will ensure that you’ll never be able to hold on to this card for a future turn so you’re essentially stuck hoping it is relevant when you draw into it.

I'm pretty sure Skilled Strike, Mean Swing, and Hand Cannon have no affect when thwarting a scheme with Assault. Assault makes you use your ATK stat but it is still considered to be a thwart action. Combat Training does work. — Stretch22 · 539

All of the previous reviews make the same arguments:

  1. This card is too expensive.
  2. Running an ally at 3 cost is always better.

No. I’ve noticed a recent trend in newer scenarios—it’s called “overkill”. Many Villains will now plow right through your cheap ally like crap through a goose. There have been multiple occasions where I would have preferred having a tough as opposed to an ally who can’t take a hit. In a Hulk deck(hold the snickering) you now have Deft Focus and the Power in All of Us to offset the cost. Granted you’re not likely to use this on a first pass of your deck but on a 2nd or 3rd one? Definitely.