Venom's Pistol

At first glance, this card seems like it might be better served as an upgrade that simply grants Venom +1 ATK, +1 THW, and +1 DEF. However, that notion becomes problematic when you factor in cards like Counter-Punch and True Grit — whose power levels scale with your hero's stat lines. Combat Training and Heroic Intuition are acceptable for these purposes because they permanently bump up one particular stat and require focus in deck-building — or playing with larger playgroups that run multiple copies of these cards which can be doled out to allied players.

Therein lies the beauty and flavor of this card. Flash Thompson excels at making split-second decisions — after all, his entire kit is built around versatility and the freedom to fulfill whatever role is desired or required at the time. He's a jack of all trades, but a master of none — and his pistols reflect that. They can be used in an instant to carry out whatever objective is at hand, but then they've served their purpose. With the exception of Run and Gun, whenever you're readying Venom, you're likely not readying his weapons as well. This introduces an element of strategy regarding how to utilize your pistols and demands that you take some time to consider the choices at hand.

I've been thoroughly satisfied with Venom overall, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover just how much of that satisfaction came from the flavor and thematic nature of his hero deck. He's a dynamic character in the Marvel universe and that versatility is reflected perfectly in his Marvel Champions deck thanks to cards like this.

Just watch the wording, it states "when you use one of venom's basic power". I don't think to counter punch or true grit. — neothechosen · 2048
Sry I just read my last comment, I meant not sure it applies to, obviously. — neothechosen · 2048
@neochosen The reviewer was implicitly stating that the Pistols do not apply to those cards. — Death by Chocolate · 1
So sorry, my bad. I completely misunderstood! Oh well, one of those days... — neothechosen · 2048
Nick Fury

Is it still normal to want to put Nick Fury into 95% of my decks? I really like him, and so versatile, although a bit expensive, but he really pays himself. 3 cards is always nice, 4 damage can really get you over that tough minions or those last few hp of the villain, remove 2 threat is maybe not that great, but can still come in handy in a pinch.

Millenhero · 2
Sonic Rifle

I don't think I will surprise anyone with the view that Sonic Rifle is going to be a huge card for solo players, almost up there with Under Surveillance. For heroes who like to change form a lot (She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel) it immediately adds a ton of consistency compared to Concussive Blow (which in my opinion was already a pretty good card). Two copies seem like an auto-include. For heroes who switch less often it still has the immense benefit that the second charge can sit in play until you need it, giving you much more control and security about the switch that you do make. One copy will be a fantastic investment.

adsarf · 115
Indeed! 2 confuse for the same cost as Concussive blow... Very good! — neothechosen · 2048
Agreed. Solid card for solo players who need to flip. — DoxaLogos · 66
First Hit

This is a terrible, terrible card. 1 dmg/resource is an awful rate, even for Protection, which has access to Counter-Punch and Preemptive Strike that I would play before this. Granted, this can hit a minion, but do you really want to take the risk of leaving a minion alive during the player phase and hoping you draw this before the villain phase so that you can interrupt its attack?

I do like the design of the second half of the card as it's an attack that still feels Protection-y, but would it have killed them to make it 3 damage?

The only way I see you playing this is if you are playing solo and in desperate need of damage sources. Even in that scenario, there are probably allies that could get the job done better. Let me know if there's something I'm missing here.

Stretch22 · 49
Right there with you! It could have been nice if the "hero interrupt" reduced the cost to 0. — neothechosen · 2048
Leading Blow

Leading Blow is better than Skilled Strike for any high-ATK hero, because you have the option to split the damage across two different targets. Thor, Hulk, She-Hulk, Drax and Spider-Woman are all potential users for this card and since Skilled Strike gets quite a lot of use you'd expect this card to do the same. The random damage is obviously a downside, but my feeling is that not facing a three-boost card in my own turn is compensation for only getting one damage out of Leading Blow so the card is well worth it at ATK 4, let alone anything higher. Drax has really opened up the space for aggressive decks in the Protection aspect.

adsarf · 115
I never thought of it as getting rid of a 3 boost icons card. Very solid point! A solid plus in my opinion. Thanks for pointing it out! — neothechosen · 2048
Thanks! I've published a deck that uses this approach for She-Hulk at — adsarf · 115
Something else I realized while playing: it lets Drax draw an extra card from Dwi Theet Mastery. — Onions · 36