All of the previous reviews make the same arguments:

  1. This card is too expensive.
  2. Running an ally at 3 cost is always better.

No. I’ve noticed a recent trend in newer scenarios—it’s called “overkill”. Many Villains will now plow right through your cheap ally like crap through a goose. There have been multiple occasions where I would have preferred having a tough as opposed to an ally who can’t take a hit. In a Hulk deck(hold the snickering) you now have Deft Focus and the Power in All of Us to offset the cost. Granted you’re not likely to use this on a first pass of your deck but on a 2nd or 3rd one? Definitely.


This is a sweet card that elevates Sidekick from a one-off card design to an actual archetype for your deck. I initially assumed the healing option would be the default to get extra uses out of strong sidekicks like Captain Marvel or Honey Badger. But since Sidekick gives your ally so much extra health, I think you'd rather pump both characters most of the time since you're not going to run out of hp anyway. The pump is extra nice because it lasts to the end of the phase, so any additional way to ready your hero like Self-Propelled Glide or Honey Badger gets extra value. If you're going for the sidekick deck, I'd also recommend some cards like Call for Backup and Suit Up to help you find your signature ally early.

Stretch22 · 518
Strength In Numbers

After 150 plays, this is for me the black lotus of Leadership. Even getting 2 cards for 1 is a deck thinning possibility that I would consider. A 1 health ally is better used for 1 draw and chump blocking than 1 or 2 points of damage.

batman · 13
Stepford Cuckoos

Spycraft for X-men characters, and it can go into any deck... with 3 uses! Solid card especially for stopping those game-ending teacheries or stopping Shadows of the Past (or putting more counters on Pursued by the Past). This better in Spycraft in that it works for any player, not just the player who controls it, so it's great in multiplayer.

DoxaLogos · 222
Energy Conversion

The second cheat code card in his deck once you get his uniform in play. Remember this interrupts the villain's attack, so you're shuffling the energy cards back into your deck before you reveal the villain's boost. This way you are more certain to draw into some resource cards and with the uniform in play.... heal some of that 3 damage. I see why the designers capped the damage to 3 or this card would be too powerful without the cap on it.

DoxaLogos · 222