Bishop's Uniform

Love this card! I feel like I'm cheating the game when I get Bishop's Uniform down. It's definitely a card you should hard mulligan for if you don't get in your opening hand. It increases his survivability by a lot and makes him better in Aggression and Protection.

DoxaLogos · 224

Just to confirm, this has the Weapon trait, not Armor. Mods, thanks for all you do and delete this if not relevant any more. (Filling space until I have 200 characters. No, still not enough. Ok cool, hope about now?)

Glockenspeel · 74
Suit Up

Suit Up clearly assists the Sidekick strategy introduced in Age of Apocalypse by allowing you to search up your identity-specific ally and the Sidekick upgrade in one shot. It can be a little tricky to manage - you need access to 7 total resources to play this, a 3-cost ally, and the 1-cost sidekick all in one turn. But if you've got a double resource in hand it can be done on turn 1. More generic Voltron strategies may run this as well if you need a certain ally like Yondu in play early. Training + Game Time decks may not care about what ally is searched for but need to see the Training early to turn on the copies of Game Time. Suit up is a great support card for adding consistency to any ally upgrade archetype!

Stretch22 · 539
It also has fun little quirky interactions like Rogue from Gambit's kit (who is normally completely free-to-play). Spending 3 ER for an ally with Tough and a one-cost upgrade isn't too shabby in that case. There are certainly other niche ways to make this event really sing. AoA was such a strong box that I think this is a fascinating little unsung hero. — Láthspell · 6
Oh dang good call on Rogue. Makes me think of Black Widow's Winter Soldier ally as well. Lots of signature allies are just good enough to search for at a resource disadvantage because of what you get back by playing them. — Stretch22 · 539
The card doesnt state, that this is a "once per round/phase" anywhere... Neither does it tell you to exhaust... Is there an official errata for this? I might just play it with the exhaust option — Kogi · 1
Stupid me... Thought it was an upgrade when I first saw it... Now I feel so stupid — Kogi · 1
Basic Spell

This will never be the strongest card in your deck, but it is surprisingly good. The value of a 2-cost Event that could do one of these things would be underwhelming, but a 2-cost Event that allows you the option to do any one of them is strong enough that it's worth considering.

Basic Spell will always be weaker than equivalent-cost aspect options, but its strength lies in its flexibility and ability to do things your aspect is bad at. Basic Spell is never a dead card; worst-case scenario, you turn it into damage to the villain. But it lets you remove threat in a pinch if you're not in Justice, heal to prevent (you or someone else!) needing to flip down to Alter-Ego if you're not in Protection, or get some extra burst damage if you're not in Aggression. Or just do more of whatever you're already going for if you don't need anything else!

Basic Spell is not an auto-include card, but it is a nice way to add some versatile burst to any Mystic deck!

Leethus · 15

Cable is a serviceable ally at face value but shines when combo-d with Uncanny X-Force. Especially with 3 THW, Cable is able to clear lots of side schemes all by himself (at least in solo), and draw a card each time he does. If taking no consequential damage, he become a great value engine throughout the game. Not a staple in my opinion, but a card to consider when caring about traits or in a matchup with many side schemes (or player side schemes).

Stretch22 · 539