Lugar. Patrulla-X.

Cost: 2.

Acción de Alter ego: agota la Mansión X → cura 1 de Daño a un personaje MUTANTE o PATRULLA-X. Cualquier jugador cuyo Alter ego tenga el rasgo MUTANTE puede aplicar esta capacidad.

Génesis Mutante #49.
Mansión X

While this card can be used to heal your identity, it is best used prolonging the life of your X-Men allies. In many cases, this point of healing per turn translates to 2 thwart or 2 damage every turn, making it a very efficient card provided the game goes long. The mansion can only be used in Alter-Ego, but that is not prohibitive for most heroes. In terms of competing against other cards that heal allies, there are not many. First Aid and Honorary X-Men are cheaper but only give finite hit points and might not be drawn at the right time. As with all ally heal effects, Mansion pairs great with upgrades like Inspired or a Training to get more mileage out of stat buffs and ready effects like Command Team to make sure those extra hit points go to use. X-Mansion can be searched by Forge as well, so you can feasibly build around it. A solid card that I put in all my slower X-Men decks.

Stretch22 · 349