Cost: 3.

Usos (3 contadores de Medicina). (Entra en juego con 3 contadores. Cuando se acaben, descarta esta carta.)

Acción: agota al Equipo médico y quítale 1 contador de Medicina → cura 2 de Daño a un personaje amigo.

Caja básica #80.
Equipo médico

The obvious comparison to including this card is if you had 3 First Aid cards. This is definitely the better value. For 1 card, you can accomplish what it takes 3 cards in a non-protection deck to do. Furthermore, because using First Aid requires 3 cards, as opposed to one for Med Team, it costs 6 effective resources (3 to pay for each of them and 3 for the cards themselves) to heal 6 total damage vs. 4 for this one. I haven't played Protection much but I'm going to be trying it out again soon with a Thor deck and am eager to see how this fits in with it.

jamesonT · 8

Any time I see talk about this card, I tend to only see comparisons to things like First Aid, which is fair, but it also misses a hugely important fact about this card. It can also be used to heal allies. In something like a Drax deck it can be extremely powerful when combined with Mantis for instance. Just a single Med Team combined with Mantis can generate 24 healing over the course of 9 turns, giving you a much needed long term healing effect for him. Basically any time that you would benefit from being able to keep using an ally, this card can keep them up for several more turns

SilverFox · 19
Healing allies is pretty much the default function of both First Aid and Med Team. It's pretty rare that you want to use either on a hero. — Fry · 239
Yeah, this is the reason it is compared to First Aid - which can also heal allies. And yes, they are both good at that. — Death by Chocolate · 4