I've never been a big fan of Lockjaw even though I do understand his appeal. However, with the addition of Bishop, Lockjaw has become vital to just about every Bishop deck. Lockjaw is a great resource sink for all the resource cards Bishop can hold. You can easily get up to 4 THW or 4 ATK on the next turn, just by killing Lockjaw off with consequential damage and then paying to bring him back again.

DoxaLogos · 224
Madame Hydra

This has come into play with the Legions of Hydra side scheme twice against me , both times vs Crossbones. In a Leadership / Protection matchup, we just it ignored it and tried our hardest to finish the villain before she could kill one of us or the side schemes overwhelmed us (we succeeded). Tonight with a Justice/Aggression pair, and a couple beat cops already out, we were thankfully able to defeat the side scheme immediately, and finish her off with a Black Panther Retaliate in her next activation.

Doc7 · 2

Tempus is interesting Advance insurance for Aggression, something only Justice has usually had. Everyone knows the feeling of stabilizing a game, maybe even turning the corner and starting to pile on the damage, only to lose on the spot to that extra scheme from the encounter deck... Tempus represents a satisfying safety valve for that scenario, and since she's an ally, she can also emergency block - adding a layer of protection. I recommend only using her interrupt when you're truly about to lose the game since the extra encounter card you deal could be just as bad if not worse. In the early or midgame, she's totally fine to chip in 1 THW/ATK and then block, which gives her a high floor. Most cards I evaluate on a resources-to-value+speed measure, but Tempus operates on a very different axis that I might call worst-case-scenario-mitigation, and to that end I think she's a very powerful card.

Stretch22 · 539

Goldballs smacks for a whopping 4 damage each attack, more than making up for the downside of depleting your deck quicker. This is an ally I especially want to keep on the table longer with Attack Training or First Aid and combos really well with a Digging Deep strategy. The cherry on top is the chuckle you get every time you read his name out loud. I expect this card to see a lot of play.

Stretch22 · 539
Assault Training

This card has great synergy with Honed Technique. Not only does Honed Technique itself pump up all of your aggression event cards, you can get them right back with this support. One draw back to Honed Technique is that it requires you to pay for your aggression events with at least one genius resourceā€¦so this card pulls double duty by letting you pitch it in order to meet that requirement.