Élite. Hydra.

Attack: 2. Scheme: 2. Health: 6.

Madame Hydra no puede sufrir Daño mientras esté en juego el Plan secundario Legiones de Hydra.

Respuesta obligada: después de que Madame Hydra ejecute el Plan o ataque, coloca 2 de Amenaza sobre el Plan secundario Legiones de Hydra.

Caja básica #181. Legiones de Hydra #3.
Madame Hydra

This has come into play with the Legions of Hydra side scheme twice against me , both times vs Crossbones. In a Leadership / Protection matchup, we just it ignored it and tried our hardest to finish the villain before she could kill one of us or the side schemes overwhelmed us (we succeeded). Tonight with a Justice/Aggression pair, and a couple beat cops already out, we were thankfully able to defeat the side scheme immediately, and finish her off with a Black Panther Retaliate in her next activation.

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