Hydra. √Člite.

Attack: 0. Scheme: 0. Health: 4.

El Supervisor recibe +1 PLA y +1 ATQ por cada mejora que controles.

(Esbirro Archienemigo de la Viuda Negra.)

Aumento: Para esta activación, el Villano recibe +1 PLA y +1 ATQ por cada Mejora que controles.

Viuda Negra #26. Archienemigo de Viuda Negra #1.

Not really a comment, but Does anyone else think he looks way more menacing and cool with the Glowing red eyes. Now onto the important stuff, Taskmaster is pretty Average. Never had problems with him but I can see how he can mess some people up. His boost however is actually pretty Good (for taskmaster). I think they should have at least given him 1 to SCH and ATK.

MrEnricks · 12