Planificación. Táctica.

Cost: 1.

Máximo de 1 por jugador.

Respuesta de Héroe (ataque): después de que sufras Daño infligido por un ataque enemigo, descarta Contraataque → inflige la misma cantidad de Daño a ese enemigo.

Viuda Negra #30.

Of course this works decent with Black Widow Aggression, but it is riskier with her having low health. I would only recommend you put this in Black Widow Aggression decks if you also have Endurance down to give her more health buffer. If you have Down Time as well that will allow you to recover and flip back quicker. Counterattack is a really good card to have in a high HP hero Aggression deck like Hulk or Thor or She-Hulk. Remember that it's not forced, so you can save for when the villain really brings the heat to dish it right back at them on their turn. It's cheap too, so it works better for Thor and Hulk to get down as well.

BoardGameNut · 21
I am totally with you! Only thing I have to add, here on MarvelCDB the cost of the card is wrong. As you said it is a cheap card (cost 1). — m.Trae.b · 7
Yes, I submitted a bugfix yesterday with the correct cost. It should show 1 now. — BoardGameNut · 21