Cost: 2.

Juega esta carta sólo si tienes el rasgo MÍSTICO.

Recibes +1 al tamaño de tu mano mientras tengas adoptada tu identidad de Héroe.

"El Anciano me otorgó el título de Hechicero Supremo." —Stephen Extraño
Doctor Extraño #26.
El Hechicero Supremo

Frankly, I don't understand why this wasn't an 'aspect exclusive' card. Don't get me wrong, I am glad it is available for any Hero with the 'Mystic' trait (despite there being only two in the entire game) but it's such a game-changing ability!

Card draw is the quintessence of random draw card games. You reduce variance and improve performance by drawing cards. I'm astounded that I regularly see Dr Strange decks on this site that don't include this card. I can only assume that they don't own the hero pack or fail to thoroughly read the cards. This is an 'auto-include' for Strange and Scarlet Witch. I just hope we get more mystics in the future.

MacGhille · 87
Good news! We get a third soon with Adam Warlock. — Death by Chocolate · 2