Cost: 3.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 1.

Ronin recibe +1 INT y +1 ATQ mientras tenga vinculada una mejora.

"No sé quién llevará el traje ahora, pero está claro que sabe como manejarse en una pelea." - Spectrum
Steve Ellis
Hombre Hormiga #13.

It crossed my mind today that you can play Honorary Avenger on Ronin. For 3 zero cost upgrades he becomes a THW:4 ATK:5 HP:6 ally. And being Leadership that is just the beginning of what could easily be an absolute powerhouse...

fixeddice · 10
Unfortunately you are wrong, if there are upgrades on him, he gets +1ATK/THW, he does not get it per upgrade — Aatxe · 14
Yeah, wouldn't that be the dream? Still a beast in almost any Leadership deck though. — SP_Rocks · 13
He'd be sooooo broken lol! It's a common mistake, lots of people got it wrong at first. Still, with inspired it's 4 ATK for an ally... quite awesome! — neothechosen · 9894
Even Caleb played it wrong during a live-stream — Kyonda · 1
Thank you for the clarification. Wishful thinking I guess. Lol — fixeddice · 10