Aéreo. Ataque.

Coste: 4.

Juega esta carta sólo si tu Superhéroe tiene el rasgo Aéreo.

Acción de Héroe (ataque): inflige 7 de Daño a un enemigo. Inflige 1 de Daño a todos los demás enemigos.

Starlord #28.
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Dive Bomb is probably one resource too expensive to be an aggression staple, which is a shame because there are way too many ways in the game to make heroes aerial and not very many payoffs. That being said, where could this find a home? One place is obviously multiplayer, as the splash damage can add up with lots of minions in play. Another interesting idea is in a deck with Team-Building Exercise or Martial Prowess that can use those upgrades to pay the resource cost on a turn they might otherwise go to waste. I wanted to write this review because of a Thor list I ran with a lot of resource generators and The Power of Aggressions that was just begging for end game finishers, and this did very well in conjunction with Hammer Throw to close out the villain.

Stretch22 · 557
Second it! I've been running Dive bomb with Thor in aggro too, works wonder with TBE and makes you feel like you've got an hammer throw every turn in the endgame. Right there with you on this one! — neothechosen · 10356
I think I'd be happy to include 1 or 2 of these in many decks where the hero will incidentally end up with the aerial trait, as there's occasional potential for huge value, but it's not something I'm going to want to use frequently. I think I'd most like this in Plan of Attack decks, where I'll have the option to search it up when it's most useful. — Fry · 241
How will this interact with the new Honed Technique from the "Nova" pack? (7+4 damage). 1 to each + 4 damage to split "at will"... both effects...? — wehehe · 177
Agreed on the cost being an obstacle. Even if I were running a hero with aerial, I would sideboard this card unless I were going up against a villain with loads of weak minions. — MacGhille · 246
lol, pressed 'enter' when I wanted a carriage return, so the comment posted before I was done. I wanted to add that my assessment changes when utilizing Honed Technique, as that makes this card insane, and something to build around. But I am curious about your comment that 'there are too many ways'. As far as I know, there aren't any ways to make heroes aerial that aren't included in their hero kits. Is that what you meant, that there were numerous heroes able to become aerial, or am I unaware of some cards I should be noticing? — MacGhille · 246
As always with reviews, new cards released may completely change the value of the card. Honed Technique gives a massive buff to this card and a new reason to play it. MacGhille, I am referencing the heroes like Doctor Strange or Valkyrie who have hero cards that make them aerial but no payoffs among the hero cards for being aerial. You'd just think there would be more payoffs for aerial heroes based off how many can become aerial — Stretch22 · 557