Cost: 3.

Acción de Héroe: elige X opciones distintas, siendo X igual al número de Versión de Ironheart.

- Bsuca una carta de Ironheart en tu mazo y añádela a tu mano. (Baraja el mazo.)

- Dale a Ironheart una carta de Estado "Duro".

- Prepara a Ironheart.

Ironheart #7. Ironheart #7-8.
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What a brilliant card design.

In the earliest stages it has the same cost value as Invulnerability (3 for a Tough) but you get to make a choice. And in the early stages of the game, getting a tough or searching for a hero-specific card may be a clutch move, since Ironheart has so much ramping.

But by the late game this card transforms into a brokenly undercosted event, allowing you to grab a Fly Over or Photon Beam as needed, while readying for another attack/thwart and slapping a tough? Not to mention that this card helps you deal with those awful villain cards that remove upgrades. Ironheart has insurance that can always get her hero upgrades back.

MacGhille · 177