Plan secundario de jugador
Cost: 1.
Threat: 2.

Victoria 0.

Cuando se derrote esta carta: dale a cada Superhéroe una carta de Estado "Duro".

"No os preocupéis, niños. ¡No pasarán de aquí!" — Armadura
Andrea Di Vito & Laura Villari
Proxima Evolución #20.
Establecer un perímetro defensivo

I think this is a little bit underwhelming of an effect for a normal protection deck, but with Cable it's nice to have a player side scheme that can be defeated by a single basic thwart (in solo) with no stat buffs. Against a steady/stalwart villain, it can also be nice to have other ways to survive villain attacks besides ally blocking. Like all player side schemes, it gets way better in multiplayer as there are more opportunities for the Justice player to trigger things like Turn the Tide and Skilled Investigator. As more player side schemes get added to the game, I wouldn't be surprised if this eventually is one of the weaker options, but for now it is good. If you are playing this in solo besides Cable, make sure you actually have some decent thwarting allies or a thwarting hero because protection is usually very weak to side schemes from the encounter deck, and you might not have time to thwart a player side scheme.

Stretch22 · 465