Cost: 1.

Vincula esta carta al Plan principal.

El umbral de Amenaza del Plan vinculado aumenta en 2 por cada ficha de Aceleración que tenga encima.

"Te tengo justo donde quería." — Masacre
Sebastián Guidobono
Deadpool #11. Deadpool #13.
Esto no ha terminado...

This card is hands-down my favorite design in the game. The rules of Marvel Champions dictate that adding acceleration tokens increases the total threat you accumulate throughout the game, thus decreasing the room between the threat floor and the threat ceiling. "It Ain't Over...", in classic Deadpool style, breaks all the rules by actually increasing the threat cap the more acceleration tokens get added. Mechanically, it gives Deadpool a cushion to fall back on in case he gets mirked too many times. Thematically, it represents Deadpool's ignorance of how much stress he causes everyone else just by existing in the same space as them. When the Deadpool player (usually me) hitches this card up to the main scheme and starts getting in character, it never fails to put a smile on my face.

SP_Rocks · 13