Persona. Psionic.

Cost: 3.

Play only if your identity has the X-Men trait. Uses (3 psi counters).

Interrupt: When a player reveals a treachery, exhaust Stepford Cuckoos and remove 1 psi counter here → cancel the effects of that card and discard it. That player reveals another encounter card.

Age of Apocalypse #49.
Stepford Cuckoos

So every X-Men hero now has a repeatable way to deal with the encounter deck regardless of his or her aspect? I’m not saying this is a mandatory play for any fully-charged X-deck. I AM saying if you own this card and it’s NOT in your X-deck, you need to have a very, very good reason to exclude it.

Phoenix players in particular should be excited to get a PSIONIC support that can counteract Shadows of the Past. Did I mention it’s PSIONIC so Power of the Mind can help fund it and it triggers Psimitar? Holy moly, Jean, getcha some.

citizenthom · 65

Spycraft for X-men characters, and it can go into any deck... with 3 uses! Solid card especially for stopping those game-ending teacheries or stopping Shadows of the Past (or putting more counters on Pursued by the Past). This better in Spycraft in that it works for any player, not just the player who controls it, so it's great in multiplayer.

DoxaLogos · 224