The Overachiever

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Red Rambo - Spectrum 432 354 27 1.0
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Mr.Strange · 16

This is my take on an aggression / leadership concept. Where you play lots of allies, and try to get lots of control via stun (Drop Kick, Mockingbird).

To keep the Drop Kick flowing, very few energy or mind resources. In fact, I've added only five - Deft Focus, Follow Through, Hulk, Into the Fray, Ready to Rumble.

I've also got a bit of an overkill focus, with Follow Through, Hand Cannon, Gamma Blast.

Into the Fray and Surprise Attack synergize well with overkill, and add some threat mitigation.

Cards are medium-expensive, and I've replaced many common resource cards with additional cost-mitigating permanents, like Helicarrier, Team-Building Exercise, Deft Focus and Martial Prowess. Note that Dive Bomb is Aerial, and thus can use Team-Building Exercise...

Relentless Assault was an early inclusion - leaning into the overkill strategy. The only weakness was that it was an energy card instead of strength. But it might be worth swapping in for a Dive Bomb & Surprise Attack.