Old Man Cap's Legal Team

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Just Anger | She-Hulk Justice v1.0 64 51 32 1.0
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DOHK1014 · 7

I used Chaos Theory's idea and altered some cards. The idea of keeping She-Hulk in alter-ego longer works well. I haven't tested it through all of the expert scenarios but it worked very well against Standard Ultron and Expert Rhino. I am taking it through a run of the expert scenarios now. Expert Klaw has always been a thorn in my side so I shall see how it fares with that next. Thematically I wanted to put Daredevil and She-Hulk together for the lawyer asepct, but they also had a storyline together in the 2014 She-Hulk run where they each work a case involving "old man Cap". I will update once I test against the other expert scenarios. I have always favored She-Hulk so props to Chaos Theory for finding a new and effective way to play her.