Now It's Hulk's Turn... To Smash!

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M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 10

Proxying the deck for a couple weeks prior to release, we kinda fell into this Hulk build that allows Hulk to survive on the table, while still dealing out big hits. Most of the game you're going to be doing all your damage on the villain's turn, with Electrostatic Armor and Immovable Object dealing 2 and then your Counter-Punch's hitting for, hopefully 4 (with Boundless Rage in play).

A crucial element to this deck is not flipping till you have an Armored Vest or more preferably Immovable Object. Once you flip, you want to stay flipped for as long as possible, and that means the angry mill is burning your cards. The sooner you're setup the better off you'll be.

Momentum Shift, Endurance, and Second Wind all help you stay Jolly green but don't discount Banner's Laboratory for a decent heal/flip so if you can drop it, do so.

Since Hulk can't hold on to anything, Resourceful becomes a very versatile and usable card for him. When you don't need it immediately, you can bank it on the table, and if you do need it, it's a wild, so it will serve as a fist icon. Your Indomitables and Desperate Defense's allow Hulk the ability to defend and still swing for a basic, which becomes even more important when you're holding a Hulk Smash. If you're not holding a Hulk Smash, it gives you the ability to defend for someone else, pinging the villain for more damage.

Sadly, Unstoppable Force seems to be the "dud" in the deck. Sure, readying is really strong, but most of the time the draw 1 you get, winds up just getting discarded to Hulk's rage. Watching that Hulk Smash get drawn only to have to throw it away because you don't have the resources to play is painful. I guess it's thematic to savage Hulk's blind fury, but having the ability where you "may" draw 1 card, would have made that card so much stronger.

I've managed to successfully beat each of the scenarios in Standard and Expert with this deck, but haven't had the time to try any Heroic challenges. Will update as I do.

The biggest issue I have with Hulk, aside from Betty not being in the deck, is the fact that the Bruce Banner side hamstrings you with a 5 card limit and then his ability still forces you to discard down to 5. The other Geniuses in the game either allow you to increase your hand size via cards or resource creation and Captain Marvel just draws cards for days... Banner, one of the smartest identities in the Marvel universe, gets no real benefit. Perhaps it's to thematically reflect the gamble he took in experimenting with Gamma radiation, but for game play... it's the pits.

As more cards come out, this deck will only get stronger, but it's been a lot of fun smashing bad guys so far. Until next time, remember, HULK IS STRONGEST ONE THERE IS! :)