Avengers Assemble! - a Leadership Smash Up deck

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Scorpion0x17 · 102

Likely not the most effective Leadership Smash Up deck, but should be fun to play.

Look to play Avengers Tower early and have 4 of the 5 Avenger allies out as often as possible, then use Strength in Numbers, Lead from the Front, and Avengers Assemble! for big turns.

A very Timmy build, with hints of combo-Johnny.

Consider dropping Quincarrier for a third Quinjet or Triskellion (which would allow for turns where you have all 5 allies out).

Paired it up with Captain America, because that seems most appropriate, but any Avenger traited hero should suffice.

NOTE: I build for 'fun', not for 'optimal'. So these may not be the 'best' in their class, but I hope they will be enjoyable to play.