"That tickles" Hulk

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Sturmbert · 8

Play around lack of thwarting by being a green meanie and not a science weasel.

Block with Desperate Defense and Unflappable, which allows you to stay as Hulk longer.

Use Hulk's core cards and Counter-Punch (even better if Boundless Rage is up!) to deal damage. Immovable Object and Electrostatic Armor provide passive damage.

You have access to 3 allies that can block for you in a pinch. If you are playing with other people, you can use them to set up stuns and blocks so that your fellow players don't have to worry about taking hits. Perhaps they can help you with thwarting. The options are limitless.

Aggressively mulligan for Unflappable. Armored Vest or Electrostatic Armor are also great to get out early. Helicarrier is great, but since we run 2 copies, you have more flexibility about when to play it