Spider-Man / Toe To Toe

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KingOfRohan · 725

Let me rave about Toe to Toe for a moment. For one, it’s a resource, so you can draw it with Black Cat. If you target the villain, it will trigger Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense on your turn, drawing you a card, which is amazing. If you have Backflip or "You'll Pay for That!", they both finally have a use on your turn. You’re not facing an imminent encounter card, so you control the context of this fight and can easily switch down to Peter Parker if necessary to heal with Aunt May. If you just played Webbed Up. If you just played Mockingbird, the attack will clear the villain’s stun; but then just hit the villain with Drop Kick after to stun him again.

"You'll Pay for That!" is perfect for Spider-Man, who needs the threat removal, loves getting attacked anyway, and has amazing healing power with Aunt May. Definitely need Endurance to open that game wide open.

Drop Kick was made for Spider-Man - there, I said it. His Web-Shooters resources can be spent as resources, as can Quincarrier. Add in Helicarrier and Martial Prowess and he should consistently have the physical resources necessary on the board, not even needed from hand. But if he has to or wants to, Webbed Up and Backflip are great candidates for tossing on a turn you don’t need them.

This whole play style is super stupid fun. Enjoy.