Phoenix - Justice Danger Room

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Phoenix and the Danger Room + Cerebro Thwarting Machine 326 271 19 2.0
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groskev · 13

Good 2-handed Justice deck. Rely on your X-men allies to keep schemes down and carefully go to the final phase of the villain. Go unleashed to help your damage-dealing teammate finish the job.

Blindfold can be swap for colossus if more damage is needed.


Jun 05, 2024 Leo_the_wookiee · 3

Nice job! One thing that I apreciated from this list is that it doesn't go for X-Jet and Utopia, leaving those for the other player.

I would like to brainstorm some changes:

Would Power of the Mind be more suited than Power in All of Us since it has more targets?

Would you add Stepford Cuckoos, Psimitar, Soul Sister or Psychic Rapport (I plan on playing a Phoenix&Cyclops duo)?

How about Psychic Manipulation, is it missing because it's too expensive? Interesting thing about this one is that it can be used in Alter-Ego...