Fluid Attack - Quantumania (Team-Up)

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Brian-V · 44165


This deck is a strong, thematic build that utilizes Ant-Man's ability to increase his basic attack with Giant Strength and Fluid Motion, then using that increased ATK multiple times a turn with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Ready to Rumble, and Quick Strike.


Max ATK:

Ideal Play:

  • With Resize and/or Swarm Tactics you'd like to flip from Tiny-form to Giant-form twice for +4 ATK, while playing as many low-cost (attack) events as you can, e.g. Surprise Attack or Quick Strike.

  • You'll trigger Fluid Motion with those low-cost events for another +2 ATK.

  • With Combat Training down, you'll have around +7 ATK (10 ATK total). Your Quick Strike will have hit pretty hard with that increased attack.

  • Finally, with low-cost allies down you'll be able to then basic attack for 10 damage, and hopefully have a Earth's Mightiest Heroes in hand to swing again for another 10 damage or so.

  • Swarm Tactics and Ready to Rumble will also hopefully have contributed to another swing for you near that max damage.


  • In the spirit of Quantumania, you'll have two ally Wasp targets for Swarm Tactics when playing solo. All the Avengers have come out to play.

  • I've tested this deck extensively, especially with Kang Expert and the MODOK modular with smooth sailing.

I've had a ton of fun with this deck, the set-up is quick and the combos are pretty easy to pull off. Once built, you're doing so much damage, the game ends pretty quickly with some pretty insane attack turns a true Aggression player would appreciate! Hope you have fun and appreciate the theme if you give it a try!


Mar 12, 2023 journeyman2 · 22303

Big fan of Ant-Man Aggression! Giant Strength + Fluid Motion is excelent!

Mar 13, 2023 TraitorMAIKI · 7

Wow love this deck and its counterpart, but you have 2 quincarriers between both of them, making it impossible to play both at the same time. Am I missing something from the rules or is this actually possible?

Mar 13, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4691

@TraitorMAIKI no but you are missing the section at the beginning of Brian’s write that talks about removing 1 Quincarrier when playing them together.

May 01, 2023 Toek · 1

Hi Brain, great deck! I don't come around how you can swap to giant form twice in a turn. You have to play 2 Rezises or 1 Rezise and Swarm Tactics to make that happen, right?

Feb 19, 2024 Carquinyoli · 249

A(nt)mazing deck Brian!!! End games are devastating, I often find myself doing stuff and then notice I can finish the villain with the insane amount of damage he can deal once built. On my first two of games, I finished Expert Thanos on true-solo with a final turn of 23 damage, and Kang Expert (this time in Multi with Wasp) dealing 38 damage on the final turn... so crazy!! I just added 2x "You'll Pay for That!" (his 12 HP and the ways to recover life in hero form allow him to trade HP for threat removal) and another copy of Ready to Rumble.

@Toek exactly that. You need to flip 3 times, and you can do that with your one-per-turn flip ability, the 2 Resizes and and Swarm Tactics.