Spider-Woman Justice/Leadership

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This deck has been tested against all scenarios on Heroic difficulty



Spider-Woman is ready to rock. Wait, what's that? You have to spend a ton of time thinning down her deck because of her deckbuilding requirements? And we have too many good cards to choose from now so it's agonizing cutting really great choices down to the wire? Well, that's what a CDB is for.


How the deck was built:

Getting this deck down to size really was an undertaking. There are 11 (non-Spider-Woman hero card) Justice cards and 11 Leadership cards in this deck. With Energy, Genius and Strength, that's 25: a 40 card deck.


General strategy:

What I decided to focus in on here is the strength of her hero power as it pertains to low cost cards. Clear the Idea is a no-brainer for Justice, as are classics like Get Ready and Make the Call, which can be used to great effect and provide her with stat-boosts.

Agent Coulson is a must in Justice for Heroic play, as he can fetch Spycraft or Counterintelligence if you need it. Note that even if you draw Spycraft without Coulson in play, Spider-Woman is a spy, and can legally put Spycraft down on the table.

The rest of the deck is self-explanatory. Play it like a power Justice and power Leadership deck. The low-cost of the deck will feed itself, especially when you start getting out cards like Beat Cop and Skilled Investigator: which in turn thin your deck and allow you to keep playing low-cost cards.

With built-in readying and stat-boosts that impact her entire statline, she can even defend for herself in a pinch: great for scenarios that punish chump blocking.


Spider-Woman tips:

Hard mulligan for Jessica Drew's apartment early on, as it practically pays for itself after one use. You can also use it to dig for your "off-aspect" cards (in this case, Protection and Aggression) for extra bonuses.

This deck slices through minions like butter, which is especially useful against Zola. Between Get Ready and Self-Propelled Glide, Spider-Woman and her crew can dish out lots of burst damage. Squirrel Girl can be used with Make the Call to "sneak" in and clear out any errant minions who have retaliate, or finish off a Zola stage. Make the Call and Rapid Response do a lot of work here: with the latter impacting Coulson heavily.

Spider-Woman is a highly effective hero and you can reap the benefits of our tests with her without the mess of having to build a deck. Enjoy!


Sep 05, 2020 oldoly · 1

Love it! Hard to not include inspired, love inspiring presence and first aid too....ah so many good cards!

Sep 05, 2020 The_Wall · 125

If the deck slices through minions like butter, then would Interrogation Room not be a better slot than Under Surveillance? Also a cheaper ability trigger. What in particular are you needing the +4 threshold to beat? Ultron?