Gwen and Hobie Vibing

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Pedroq · 163


Team up between Gwen and Hobie. A mid late game tempo/combo deck. Can vibe through most scenarios until you're set up to rock with Hobie. Gwen's kit will stall the game, then Hobie will come in to mill the villain.


Early game is focused on building up you upgrades. Web-Bracelet or Specialized Training are ideally the first things you setup. The draw from Web-Bracelet and Defense Specialist accelerate your setup. Defense Specialist is best upgrade because Gwen will always defend. Defend against the villain, avoid damage from most villain's since you'll have a great 4 DEF, use Warning to avoid any damage that makes it through. Make sure you ready after you defend using Gwen's events to address the board needs. During the player phase, focus on supports and upgrades. Treat Ticket to the Multiverse as a double resource primarily, and shuffle it back into the deck with AE ability if it is convenient to flip down. Phantom Flip is the MVP Gwen event. Use it whenever you can or hold onto it to one shot the player side schemes. Push Ahead gives you a non-interrupt way of taking a 6 threat. Once Defense Specialist is equipped you remove 7 threat.


Don't prioritize Hobie until you have at least 1x Web-Bracelet, and Web of Life and Destiny on the board. Play him with Call for Backup or Across the Spider-Verse. If he's the only playable option then play him outright from the hand. Once Hobie is out, then keep him in play until you have a guaranteed way to replay him. -Rapid Response will bring Hobie back immediately after his interrupt resolved. Rapid Response will deal a point of damage, setting up Hobie to thwart and leave play again for his interrupt. -Across the Spider-Verse is great way to play and replay Hobie. Parental Guidance can attach Across the Spider-Verse to George essentially giving you two copies of Across the Spider-Verse in the deck. -Teamwork synergizes greatly with Gwen and Hobie. Avoid the consequential damage on Hobie, and trigger Web-Bracelet + Dizzying Reflexes because it's an interrupt.


The deck had 5 slots that could be flexible. I've settled on the following. -Make the Call. One copy for an extra option to get Hobie out. Paying 4 effective resources for Hobie doesn't mix well with Gwen's kit/cost curve so I don't use it often. It's a resource which is highly needed for Push Ahead and Web Binding. -Med Lab. It's a 1 cost support that can hep to keep make Hobie playable without waiting for the other options. It's a back up option because of it's Alter Ego requirement and having to pay for Hobie. Like Make the Call, it's a resource to meet Push Ahead and Web-Binding requirements. -Down Time. Your strategy is to stall the game until you have your board setup. You'll need to recover when facing higher damage villains. +2 REC maximizes your AE turns. -Ready To Rumble. Solid card upgrade in any deck;. easy to pay it's cost, thins your deck, retains your tempo when you must start in AE and must recovery. -Target Acquired. Solid Card. Similar to Ready to Rumble use this card as a cheap upgrade that can stay equipped to thin out the deck.