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LaughingBird15 · 76

Starlord drags Nick Fury and Maria Hill into space forever. THE END.

In all seriousness, the purpose is to block loop Nick Fury and Maria Hill every turn with Regroup while setting up cost reducers to make them effectively free. After you setup, prepare for a big all in turn with Blaze of Glory and Triple Sliding Shot your way to victory.

The main condition to loop is "an ally is defeated by an enemy attack" so team up with a Storm player and ask for Thunderstorm to ensure that happens. Alternatively you can run more Blaze of Glory to make sure Nick gets beat up. For most scenarios the villain would be hitting for 2 minimum so it's not too concerning.

Since regroup affects all players, your teammates can also block with their own allies. It also works in alter ego so you can feel free to switch to alter, block for others and recover/meditate.

Dropping Maria every turn is a constant free draw while Nick speeds through the deck to loop regroup faster. Beast becomes important later for fetching and recurring The Power of Leadership. Groot I used mainly for tanking minions, but you can use Gamora instead to help setup the end game.

Since Starlord has alot of expensive cards, Meditation allows for fast setup in first turn without having to take an encounter card. To the very least, you set up Element Gun. At best you can play both Helicarrier and Avenger's Mansion and still have Starlord's ability for Element Gun.

Later on you can use it to drop allies/Bad Boy and other starlord upgrades. His alter ego ability is also useful for tucking away cards like regroup if you draw too many.

Rapid Response is mainly there to loop beast or groot on player phase for an extra attack, thwart or resource. Keep in mind when blocking that Regroup is a forced interrupt and will take priority over Rapid. Feel free to swap it out with Triskelion if you feel Rapid isnt doing enough.

The deck has problems with villains that like to overkill so be wary about blocking too much in that circumstance. You can always add in endurance, downtime and crew quarters if you're feeling the heat.

Also have fun. That's all.