Robot Jedi

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Web-Warrior Fanatic · 12289

Robot Jedi

50+ damage in 1 turn consistently?! The Robot Jedi can do it!

For my deckbuilding tutorial series, watch me build this deck from scratch!

SP//dr vs. Loki (Expert) Gameplay

Synergies & Combos

  1. Laser Swords and big damage: The main goal of this deck is to get set up and wait until we can draw Live Dangerously, which puts 4 bad icons into play. This unleashes the lightsaber bringing SP//dr to 6 attack!

  2. So much readying: In addition to Host Spider and All Systems Go! which can ready up Host Spider, we have Spider-Man Peter Parker ally and Stick-To-Itiveness for more consistent on-board readying. With the full combo SP//dr can ready up to 7 times in one turn, doing 6-8 damage per attack. That's 42-56 damage for a huge final push!

  3. Slow early game: As a classic build out hero and a handsize of 3, SP//dr has most trouble in her early game. With the triple 'Pool resources to pay for expensive upgrades/supports, Not my Responsibility to flip down safely, and healing with Healing Factor/Tic-Tac-Toe, SP//dr can survive the early game pressure from difficult villains like Loki/Magneto.

  4. Resouce Sinks: SP//dr's hero ability Sync Ratio means she will often have extra resources if she doesn't have anything to play with her handsize of 3. Combining this with the 8 resources cards in this deck, we need to have resource sinks to throw resources at. Tic-Tac-Toe, Lockjaw, Machine Man, Stick-To-Itiveness are great targets to throw extra resources at during the end of the turn to get an advantage on the villain. We also have expensive supports like Avengers Mansion to mitigate SP//dr's small handsize while also being a great card we can use our resources to play.


Jun 21, 2024 Swarles90 · 7

Hey WWF - this deck looks incredibly fun and I love SP//dr so I'll definitely have to give this one a try :)

Thanks for all your decks!

Jun 21, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 12289

@Swarles90 Thanks Swarles! Hope this deck plays well for you. SP//dr is awesome, she has easily become one of my favorite Web-Warriors :)

Jun 23, 2024 Dansome · 1

'Pool is great for so many "set-up" heroes. Awesome hero for laser swords, definitely going to try it out.

Jun 23, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 12289

@Dansome I totally agree! ‘Pool has so many good combos for SP//dr. And nothing gets more cool than robots and laser swords lol

Jun 23, 2024 dmct · 1

out of curiosity, why no limitless stamina?

Jun 24, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 12289

@dmct My mentality for this deck was focused on building out and getting SP//dr through the early game. Limitless Stamina is a really good event to help get her more readies late game to burst the villain down, but I think there are more reliable readies in non-event cards like Stick-To-Itiveness and Peter Parker ally. For early game, Limitless Stamina helps her control the board state, but if she plays it before her economy is set up, it may just delay the inevitable by managing the board an extra turn but not improving her own board.

That being said, I've actually been going back and forth a lot on this because I've gotten a lot of feedback about it lol. I may have emphasized building out too much here because for the late game, SP//dr's hero ability Sync Ratio gives her more than enough resources. I'm considering swapping the 3 'Pool resource cards for 3x Limitless Stamina. I'll have to test this version and the version with Limitless Stamina more, but can totally see that being really good!

Jun 25, 2024 josseroo · 689

I've been playing a very similar deck a bunch lately for a 2-hero league (partnered with Justice Scarlet Witch) and I definitely recommend Limitless Stamina, at least in the way I've been playing the deck. Personally I also like Symbiote Suit (hand size is very helpful for her), a couple of Pool allies that can further boost the swords before playing Live Dangerously, and including Specialized Training for some matchups where the threat isn't already building up in a ton of other places.

Jun 26, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 12289

@josseroo Thanks for the feedback! I'm leaning more and more towards Limitless Stamina so I think you're right. Good idea too with Symbiote Suit getting not just more damage, but the handsize too!

Jul 09, 2024 dr00 · 42022

i agree that Limitless Stamina isn't so helpful actually. i've been cutting more and more from my lists because it doesn't help early and late game you usually end up pitching as a resource for something else. All Systems Go is all you need for those insanely strong turns

Jul 10, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 12289

@dr00 I can definitely see the case for both sides. For my playstyle, I agree with you that the extra setup help is preferred... especially for true solo! Thanks for chiming in :)