No Basics — Magik Protection

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KingOfRohan · 4666

We were talking on Discord about a "No Basics" deck building challenge, and I put together this deck — as well as many others, but this one was particularly fun, so I thought I would share!

I don't have time or skill for a huge write-up, but this deck has mainly a couple of things going on:

• The whole Repurpose suite. Y'all know the drill.

• Magik's unique use of Mutant Protectors. She can play this off the top of her deck for free, or with Defensive Energy and draw a card.

A lot of times in the hero phase, you may have a Resource card in hand. Often, you will want to play whatever is on top of your deck if possible, or put a playable card on top with Stepping Disc and then play it, then use Limbo to put your Resource card on top of your deck. This allows you to then benefit from all of the kickers from Soul Strike, Exorcism, Soulsword, etc.


Jul 09, 2024 Castlefrank47 · 288

Really enjoyed playing this one, mutant protectors in her deck is so much fun to play. Love being able to hit repurpose and stepping disc. Thanks for sharing it!