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Iron Man / Protection - "Tech Nova" (2.0)

Energy Barrier helps Iron Man with tech upgrades & heavy for Nova and Repulsor Blast for major damage!

UPDATED (2.0): Emergency x3 replaces Down Time x1 & Enhanced Reflexes x2

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Energy Barrier

Energy Barrier is a tech upgrade for Iron Man's card draw, currently the only one in the game. This allows you to flip and stay on Iron Man identity earlier in the game. Ideally, you want to draw these with The Power of Protection and get them on the table so that you can get that card draw and also protect yourself while you build your suit. Nova

Nova is the other key card and once you get him on the table, you'll just keep him there and use his ability with the 22 (23 with new version) in the deck as well as Enhanced Reflexes. He is one of the most powerful cards/allies in the game in my opinion and can just shred through minions with the added benefit of his ability being "initiated" so that you can often kill an attacker before you are dealt damage. Repulsor Blast

Once you get the suit built and upgrades that stay on the table you'll find you'll draw almost entirely for Repulsor Blast because the cards that stay in your deck are energy. Usually you'll be blasting for at least 9 damage, often 11 or even 13 (with Energy). Repulsor Blast can also be a very good early, because you have not yet pulled out a lot of the cards that would stay on your board like Powered Gauntlets, Energy Barriers or Med Teams. Game Strategy:


Resource Cards, as usual Arc Reactor (his best suit card by far) Stark Tower Pepper Potts Mark V Helmet if you anticipate needing thwart Black Widow or Energy Barrier if you have drawn The Power of Protection Building Your Suit

Iron Man is pretty straight forward, first build his suit and then deal massive amounts of damage while going Aerial later in the game. The only tricky thing is knowing when to bite the bullet sometimes and flipping even if it costs you some low card draw in the beginning of the game. The order in which to build your suit when you're faced with choice can also vary. But in general get those low cost ones down, just so you can get your number of Tech Upgrades to get better card draw on Iron Man side. You could also only play one Rocket Boots rather than both to be able to recur the other for Aerial with Stark Tower, if you like. Aerial

Enhanced Awareness is to pay for Aerial if you don't want to use one Rocket Boots & recur it with Stark Tower every turn. This can also pay for Black Widow ability. Defending

I don't use Armored Vest because Iron Man is a pretty inefficient defender at 1 DEF although Arc Reactor helps to refresh if you wanted to add Expert Defense (or in the future, spoiler alert: a certain defense card in Dr. Strange's Hero Pack!). Either way, you'll make use of his massive HPs with Endurance, Rocket Boots, & Mark V Armor and then heal/defend with Med Team, Energy Barrier, & Preemptive Strike. These last 3 cards you want to constantly be using and cycling through and paying for Nova so they go back into your deck and you draw them for Repulsor Blast. Early Game / Late Game

Again, early you're probably just trying to survive and thwart and relying on Energy Barrier & Repulsor Blast for defense/damage. Late game you'll be able to start using Aerial, but it's certainly not a priority, as it's not really a great ability for the setup and the resource you have to spend. Its best use might really be when you have a Supersonic Punch. Also, later game you'll start to get some Med Team down so you can heal allies or yourself back up to full without using REC. Stunned

If you get stunned, remember to just use Powered Gauntlets which is an Attack rather than exhausting your hero. Individual Card Strategy:

Luke Cage

Always try to take advantage of the Tough card and defend first before attacking. Nova

Nova will stay on the board, I wouldn't ever chump block with him, his ability is just too good. You have a ton of so you'll never not be able to use it & then x1 Enhanced Reflex so you don't have to use a card from your hand if you don't want to. Stark Tower

Getting this early will make a huge difference, it essentially gives you an extra resource while you're trying to build your suit. Late game, use the second Rocket Boots to recur if needed for Aerial because they are . Pepper Potts

Make sure you are cognizant of which card is on top of your discard and when you are about to have to reshuffle. You always want to use her with the double resource cards or to get for Aerial. War Machine

Very situational, especially in solo games. I hardly ever play him, would always rather see the other 4-cost allies, but may be better in multiplayer games. If you are going to use his ability, wait until he has only 1 health left so you can be the most efficient with it. This is a legal play. (Thanks Hall of Heroes, I recommend the site! Hall of Heroes, Unofficial FAQ)