Cost: 4.
Health: 4.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 2.

Puedes jugar a Mandíbulas desde tu pila de descartes durante tu turno (pagando su coste en recursos).

"Ahhh... espera un segundo, Bruno. Creo que mi nuevo perro acaba de teleportarse dentro de mi cuarto." —Kamala Khan
Ms. Marvel #18.

At first glance, I didn't think much of this card. It's real expensive for what it does. But, I have begun to include this in my decks. Usually, it won't be worth playing it the turn you find it. That's what initially had me skipping over it. But that's ok. It's ok if you discard it for a resource. Because later on in the game, you might have a turn where a little help and a chump block is exactly what you want to do with your turn because your cards didn't work out for you or you need something to soak while you stay in hero form. And for that, there's Lockjaw.

Better yet, when you are all setup you can just keep using your board and keep playing him every round to keep going.

Bronze · 255
Obviously it depends on the cardpool, but I like Lockjaw because of what he does to your chances of having an ally to block with whenever you need one. — Blackhaven · 17
Seems particularly good with Ms. Marvel, the card he was revealed with - between Lockjaw and Red Dagger, you can almost ensure you always have a way to spend your alter-ego resources while STILL running a ton of hero Events. — Blackhaven · 17

I really like this card on Spider-Man. It gives consistent access to thwart, compensating for Peter's main weakness. After the first round, he can thwart (or attack) for 2+2 in a single round, which can be very impactful in solving whatever problem you're dealing with on a given turn. Plus, he's basic, and can be used in any aspect.

In summary: Reliable, impactful, helps you control the game, and lets you play whatever aspect you want.