Cost: 1.

Juega esta carta poniéndola bajo el control de cualquier jugador. Máximo de 1 por jugador.

Tu Alter ego recibe +2 REC.

"Deberíamos hacer esto más a menudo."
Ms. Marvel #33.
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Definitely a card that I would include only one in most lineups particularly if I need to go into alter ego mode more often to recover. It almost doubles the effectiveness of healing for a lot of heroes across the board and just makes that turn more efficient if you're trying to recover long enough to then flip back into hero mode. I probably would not include it in a good protection deck, since that aspect comes with a lot of heals and damage prevention allowing you to stay in hero form longer. It's cheap and solid.

Yeah, I think people sleep on this one, but it's pretty good across the board. — ecamel · 10

This is my favorite card in the game. Your deck only needs one copy, and you play it when you see it. By adding just two recovery, most characters can now recover around half of their printed hit points. Recuperation becomes a better option in deck building. If you are going to recover, this card makes it a much easier choice to make. Newer players should definitely try this card.