Cost: 1.

Acción de Héroe: elige un Héroe. Hasta el final de la ronda, ese Héroe recibe +1 INT, +1 ATQ, y +1 DEF.

"Es una posición que tengo que tomar. Esta vez, sin concesiones." —Sam Wilson
Ms. Marvel #32.
Moral elevada

I like the straightforwardness of this card, but it is hard to want to use because the effect is so small. It is way overpriced for a normal character who takes one basic action per turn. It is in theory balanced for a character who takes two actions per turn, but in practice, it still doesn’t work on the many turns they want to recover, or exhaust dealing with an encounter card, and even when it does work, it is fine, but the upside is not very impressive, there are often more impactful cards to play. It is really looking for some combo where it can boost 4 or more basic actions in one turn, to give it some upside that makes you want to put it in your deck.

cnalexander · 119
Go All Out and Push Ahead are the other notable combos, but that only raises it up to barely playable. — Stretch22 · 439