Vengador. Gamma.

Thwart: 0. Attack: 3. Defense: 3.
Health: 18. Hand Size: 4.

Enfurecido — Interrupción obligada: cuando termine tu turno, descarta tu mano.

"Hulk no está arrepentido. Hulk es Hulk."
Hulk #1. Hulk #.

Genio. Científico.

Recover: 4.
Health: 18. Hand Size: 5.

Investigación experimental — Acción: roba 1 carta. Elige 1 carta de tu mano y descártala. (Límite de una vez por ronda.)

"No hagas que me enfade. No te gustaría verme enfadado."
Hulk #1. Hulk #.
Bruce Banner

I know everyone thinks that the Hulk is a tier D or F hero, but man when he draws right, he can mow down the villain quickly.

The problem is that he has to rely solely on drawing enough resources to power his big attack events. I think if you could save cards to help with the alignment of the stars, it would help this hero out of the F tier. For example, if Enraged stated: Put an enraged counter on the Hulk at the start of the villain phase. When the Hulk has 3 enraged counters or more, Hulk gains Forced Interrupt: When your turn ends, discard your hand.

That way he would slowly go out of control and would be in a calmer state after flipping to Banner and back. It would also tempt the Hulk player to flip to Banner instead of staying in the Hulk form all game.

tssfulk · 5