Cost: 2.

Acción de Héroe (intervención): quita 2 de Amenaza de un Plan.

Hulk #19.
¡Al rescate!

To the Rescue! is fairly inefficient at thwarting, getting you a mere 2 thwart at a cost of 2+card. Justice is loaded with thwarting events that are cheaper or more effective, and Leadership has tons of allies that can thwart for 2 and then do something else (block). Even Aggression has events that are cheaper and conditional (Chase Them Down) or expensive but much more impactful (Into the Fray). But sometimes you're playing Protection, and your options for adding Thwart to your deck are slim, so you gotta make do with this.

Fry · 239
I'm running one copy in Aggression Ms. Marvel (cards up to Rise of Red Skull), to help me make use of Shrink more reliably every turn. — Blackhaven · 17