Hombre Hormiga
Hank Pym



Cost: 0.
Health: 0.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 2.

El Hombre Hormiga recibe +1 de Vida por cada contador Pym que tenga encima.

Interrupción: cuando el Hombre Hormiga entre en juego, coloca 1 contador Pym sobre su carta (hasta un máximo de 4) por cada recurso que hayas pagado de más al cubrir su coste.

Hombre Hormiga #11.
Hombre Hormiga

Hank Pym compares favorably to most 2-cost allies, and he's about equal to most "just stats" 3-cost allies. He also has the flexibility to have cost 1 ("world's cheapest block!", and great for early turns in your Band Together deck) or cost 4 if you have spare resources to burn. He's even technically got a 0-cost option (thanks, Team Training).

A great ally who can find a home in any Leadership deck. Just don't try to reduce his cost ("a card cannot have 'negative'...cost", in the rules under Modifiers) or put him into play without paying his cost.

Fry · 84

He gains tons of usefulness with Team Training in play, as you can play him for 0 and still get 2 ATK/THW (or 3 if you're running Mighty Avengers) or a single chump block, while keeping Avengers Tower free to get its benefits for a 1-cost ally (like Blade or Stinger) to make it another an 0 cost.

You can also just pay 4 for him and keep him upgraded and healthy. The flexibility is certainly a big part of his appeal.

Alatreon · 9