Máximo de 2 por mazo.

El número de recursos generados por esta carta se duplica al pagar el coste de una carta Básica (gris).

Avispa #24.
El poder de todos unidos

This card is superb, there are just TONS of great targets for it. Early game you can get a support like Helicarrier, Avengers Mansion, or Quincarrier on the table at a discount, which will really accelerate setup for a LOT of different heroes. It also removes some of the tempo cost of playing temporary resource generators like Enhanced Physique.

The basic set also has some great staple allies that you will play in the mid to late game, as well, like Mockingbird, and Nick Fury, or in the Wasp preCon you have Ironheart and Spider-Man.

In the late game this card is still useful as an unconditional wild resource which is always handy for discarding Villain attachments.

Don't sleep on this card, it will improve a LOT of decks.

MyLtlePwny · 56
Shame it is the Wasp pack, probably my least wanted:( — Cross{x}Hair · 1
Besides, it can provide the two resources for the C.I.T.T. action to ready a Guardian Character (Go to https://hallofheroeslcg.com/official-ffg-rulings/, search for "finesse" and see it's the same case) — Carquinyoli · 249
I cannot delete my message above, and it is now being discussed because it is not clear that TPIAOU can pay for CITT's action. — Carquinyoli · 249
I don't see how anyone thought it would pay for CITT's ability, it's just the like "Power of Leadership" — Judicator82 · 125
Just a note, it now *has* been confirmed to pay for CIYTs ability — Saan · 3719
*CITT — Saan · 3719

I agree with many of the comments here. This is a fantastic card, and has soooo many practical applications within Basic. (Nick Fury and Avengers Mansion, just to name a few . . .) Don't overlook this one, and I'm glad Basic got some love!!!

bmay511 · 302
A little bit of clarification, do Campaign cards (which are gray) count as Basic cards for this purpose? — salsatheone · 2

Can't be surprised that this card is considered taboo. Basic has become arguably the strongest and most core aspect. It no longer provides a few choice pieces to kits, now it consistently provides multiple primary pieces for tons and tons of builds. Throw in several of the strongest allies, and it's often hard to justify putting more color cards in than colorless.

Bbyowll · 26
Wait, therre is a Taboo List for MC ? — Bangarang · 2
No, there is no taboo list. This is just a very strong card (as all double resources are) — Stretch22 · 557
It is unofficially a taboo card on HOH. (It's stronger than most other resource cards) — Bbyowll · 26
Basic had so many high cost cards and no basic resource card to help put them into play. This is great, taboo is just a matter of opinion, this game is not competitive. — salsatheone · 2

Apparently, this card can pay for C.I.T.T,'s ability, and likely any other abilty printed on a basic card that requires paying 2 resources of any kind, which means this card's value will only increase as we get more of those. Aside from that weird interaction that I never thought was allowed in the rules, this card is amazing for decks that like stacking 2-3 cost basic cards. But don't get caught on it, most decks prefer having 2 extra cards of something else, and going over 40 cards is almost never recomended. IMO, use it with decks that have tons of basic allies and upgrades and supports, but skip it if you think that you could use those 2 copies of Into the Fray or something.