Objeto. Tecnología.

Cost: 1.

Esta carta entra en juego con 2 contadores de Carga.

Acción: agota la Batería auxiliar → traslada 1 contador de Carga desde esta carta hasta otra Mejora Tecnología que controles.

Los más buscados de la galaxia #34. Rocket Raccoon #8-9.
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Probably the best target for Rocket's Tinkering ability. I wonder if it works with some "generic" tech upgrades (such as Energy Barrier) or if it has to target another upgrade which uses "charge counters" (limiting it to just recharge his own weapons)

Can anybody clear that ?

wehehe · 26
It would not work with Energy Barrier because it does not use charge counters. It would work for Sonic Rifle, for example, which does use charge counters — Stretch22 · 52