Cost: 0.

Acción de Héroe (intervención): descarta cartas de la parte superior del mazo de Encuentros hasta que descartes un Esbirro. Pon en juego ese Esbirro enfrentado a ti → quita 3 de Amenaza del Plan principal.

Los más buscados de la galaxia #43.
Buscando problemas

I would much rather it didn't do thwart, but allowed you to simply pick a minion from the deck rather than discarding until one is discarded in exchange. IMO the Justice counterpart, One Way or Another is much, much better.

Alatreon · 88
Agreed. Discarding until you find one can be quite dangerous, you might have to dig through quite a few encounter cards and that puts you much closer to another acceleration token. The thwart hardly seems worth it. Obviously works best with Thor but a bit questionable even there. — Fates · 3
Something that's very easy to overlook on this card (versus One Way or Another for example) is that this card puts the minion into play rather than actually revealing it, dodging any When Revealed effects. This makes a LOT of minions out there a lot easier to deal with. — spiderlocmtgo · 55