Thwart: 2. Attack: 2. Defense: 1.
Health: 10. Hand Size: 5.

Todos los aliados que controles ganan el rasgo Guardián.

"¿Qué podría salir mal?"Interrupción: cuando juegues una carta desde tu mano, coge 1 carta de Encuentro boca abajo → reduce en 3 el coste en recursos para jugar esa carta. (Límite de una vez por ronda.)

Andrea Di Vitto & Laura Villari
Starlord #1. Starlord #.


Recover: 3.
Health: 10. Hand Size: 6.

Preparación: busca una copia de la Mejora Pistola elemental en tu mazo y en tu pila de descartes y añádela a tu mano. Baraja tu mazo.

LabiaAcción: elige una carta de tu mano. Intercambia esa carta por la primera carta de tu mazo. (Límite de una vez por ronda.)

Andrea Di Vitto & Laura Villari
Starlord #1. Starlord #.
Peter Quill

Hey you. Yes you! Do you like suffering? Do you like to take risk? If so, Star-Lord is the hero for you. Star lord is one of the few characters that make you take risk and because of this, newer players or players who just haven't played star lord may be turned away, but in this review I'm gonna explain why he's not that bad and is actually pretty nice once you're used to him.

Let's start off with his stats: A normal hand size and HP and very thematic basic abilities. Actually, one of the things FFG got really right with Star Lord is that he's thematic. A cocky, charismatic outlaw who manages to smooth talk his way out of situations at best and shoot out his way out at worst. He takes risk and by playing him you will have too Aswell. His ability is to reduce the cost of his cards by giving himself encounter cards. This ability is crucial to getting things done, hell, the game even encourages it by boosting the effects of some cards (Gutsy Move, Sliding Shot). However, giving yourself encounter cards really puts you through some Tough, unforgiving situations. One of if not THE most important step with Star lord is learning when to use your ability, its ok to use your ability during safe/down time periods, however if you're fighting an entire army of minions while stunned and confused while the main villain is charging his 'Super-duper mega bean blast' then maybe holdout on using it.

Next up are his cards:

Nova Prime: Nova is a really great ally who suffers from 'Overpriced syndrome'. His stats are good, he has a great response ability, but I could never afford him except for in the beginning, which is when I needed him the LEAST. I also try to put upgrades on him. Star lord is good for leadership btw.

Daring Escape, Gutsy Move, and Sliding Shot: These cards are your "encounter benefit" cards. Really useful in some situations, others? Not so much.

Bad Boy: I never really used this when I played Star lord, but I can see why and how it can be useful.

Element Gun: A pretty useful asset, made even better by the fact that you can get it at setup. It even has piercing, neat

Jet Boots: On paper, this card seems really good, and to be fair it does have its uses. But honestly these didn't really help me that much. One damage just isn't enough, and I find it pretty hard to get more than one encounter card Infront of you (Only way to do that is to run out of cards in your deck, or use Daring Escape).

Leader of the Guardians: One of the few cards that show out his 'leadership' side. There's a healthy amount of 'Guardian only' cards, so its got its uses.

Star-Lord's Helmet: Again, suffers from same problem as Jet Boots. When used together they give real motivation to have these cards out.

So yeah Star lord can be Luke cage one moment, Then Cleveland Brown the next. He's unique but classy, Simple but complex, and overall a pretty good character. Dont be afraid to take risk, and dont be intimidated by 3 encounter cards infront of you. Give him a try if you have the chance.