Peter Quill



Cost: 2.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 2.

Los ataques de Starlord ganan A distancia.

Respuesta obligada: después de que Starlord entre en juego controlado por ti, coge 1 carta de Encuentro boca abajo.

El que no arriesga, no gana.
Veneno #16.

This card is terrible. There are many, many better 2 cost allies that don't open you up to the enemy like this -- just by putting him into play, you are dealt a facedown encounter card. Sure, it's thematic with Star-Lord's risk-taking like the actual hero deck to an extent. But then why not make the risk-taking conditional like it is with the Hero? For instance, make him 1 thwart, 3 attack (keep ranged), and then the facedown encounter card only occurs when he chooses to attack. Or to make him even more playable, 1 thwart, 1 attack (keep ranged), 2 health. Have a response when he attacks where you can choose to deal +1/+2 ATK for the counter of getting a facedown encounter card. Perhaps too powerful (could balance with 0 thwart), but at least he wouldn't be nigh unplayable as he is now.

Martymaus · 165