Cost: 1.

Equipo (Gamora y Nébula). Máximo de 1 por mazo.

Acción de Héroe: roba 3 cartas.

"De niñas, Thanos nos enfrentó la una con la otra, pero ahora somos hermanas. Ahora por fin estamos unidads." —Gamora
Nébula #22.
Hijas de Thanos

The card costs 1, so 2 "equivalent cards" as some like to count for 3 cards AND you need to fill the Team-up condition while neither the Gamora ally nor the Nebula ally gives you a good reason to keep them alive (contrary to the Rocket Raccoon and Groot allies).

AlexandreP · 24
In addition to being sort of a dead card, it doesn't even have Nebula in the artwork! Unless she's being so sneaky that we just can't see her. — Tzeentch144 · 3