Cost: 1.

Respuesta de Héroe: después de que cambies de identidad de masa, descarta esta carta → coge un Evento de La Visión que esté en tu pila de descartes y añádelo a tu mano.

"No te vas a morir por utilizar la puerta alguna vez." —Ojo de Halcón
Staz Johnson
La Visión #7. La Visión #6-7.
Control de la densidad

It's kind of like Resourceful but you saving it for a Vision card instead of a wild resource.

At first glance, you might be thinking why would I want this?

First off, this card is just a "Response" and not "forced". Therefore you can choose when to use it when you change forms, and you don't have you use it if you don't want to. This means you can plan when to use it for the situation you may need. So, it can stay on the board for as long as you want it to with it thinning out your deck until the time is right.

Second, it makes you less afraid to discard a Vision card that is good, but not great for the current situation. You can plan ahead.

Example: I got Phase Disruption in my hand, but the villain doesn't have an attachment but I know the scenario has nasty attachments. I go ahead and use Phase Disruption to pay for something else because Density Control is on the board until I need it. So, I keep flipping density forms until I need Phase Disruption. It's kind of like your "Ace in the Hole" card saved for that rainy day, in the case of this deck... up to two "Ace in the Hole" cards.

Don't underestimate this card.

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