Ataque. Superpoder. Intervención.

Cost: 3.

Acción de Héroe (ataque): si la identidad de masa de La Visión es Denso, inflige 7 de Daño a un enemigo.

Acción de Héroe (intervención): si la identidad de masa de La Visión es Intangible, quita 5 de Amenaza de un Plan.

Eduardo Mello
La Visión #8. La Visión #8-10.
Rayo solar

Kind of cool that you can use Sense of Justice to pay for this when it's used as an attack or Martial Prowess when used to thwart! Makes it cheaper. Add in Deft Focus, and it keeps getting better. Hint: You really should include Deft Focus in your Vision deck always... lots of superpower cards besides this.

DoxaLogos · 218
Are you sure it works that way? As there are two separate Hero Actions, wouldn't you have to pay the respective costs for each? At the very least, I know that's the way I play this card. — Judicator82 · 118
It's always as "attack, thwart, superpower" card, regardless of whether you're using the thwart action or the attack action. Martial Prowess pays for Attack events, capitalized in bold, which means it's referring to the "Attack" trait in the trait line. — OrionJA · 8