Androide. Vengador.

Cost: 2.
Health: 4.
Attack: 0. Thwart: 0.

La cantidad de Daño que sufre Victor Mancha de cada ataque se reduce en 1.

"¿Quieres matarme? Pues será mejor que te des prisa…"
La Visión #15.
Victor Mancha

Great blocker for wimpy minions. Cheap ally. Ultron Drone minions watch out as well as Weapon Runners, Armored Guards, etc. I wouldn't say it's autoinclude, but check on the scenario first before adding it to your protection build.

DoxaLogos · 218

Cheap blockers are something that many decks are always looking for. Cheap blockers that can easily get in multiple blocks? Gold for many decks needing these sorts of tools.

While this is definitely a great minion blocker, don't be afraid to have this ally intercept the Villain's attacks as well, in particular those with 2 or less power where multiple blocks are possible. With a decent HP pool, it's also a great HP bank for when indirect damage is coming your way.

An Ally that goes well with decks using cards such as Ever Vigilant to take advantage of the Heroes high inherent stats and isn't always going to defend themselves or just multiplayer in general where minions are a much higher concern and not always able to be swept from the board.

Earth Dragon · 1431

Mancha is clearly just a Wall card. With no offensive capabilities, but extra health for a low cost, he is the chump blocker to end all chump blockers. There are so many minions that are just 1 ATK that Victor is a one-man stall tactic in a lot of situation.

Obviously you can upgrade him with offensive cards, and at 2 cost he may seem a reasonable addition. But there aren't any offensive upgrades that can be attached to an ally in Protection at the moment (July 2022) so this is a moot strategy.

However, you could put him in a Spider-Woman or Adam Warlock deck and try to voltron the heck out of him. He could actually be feasible with Spider-Woman, since there have been so many decks built around her Captain Marvel ally, that having a really good second ally that can also be buffed would just enhance the viability of that strategy.

At the moment though, Victor remains a solid wall, or a meaningful addition to certain Vision decks. And I absolutely believe that he will be the reason for a long time to come that Protection never sees an upgrade that provides Retaliation to allies.

Could you imagine? Chump blocking 1ATK minions with Victor until they just keel over? Never gonna happen. FFG boxed themselves into a corner on this one.

MacGhille · 215
0 THW/0 ATK is a weak starting point if you're trying to "Voltron" an ally. Just pay the extra resource or two and start with a better baseline of stats (Luke Cage, US Agent, Speed, Brawn) — Fry · 233
Now there *is* a Protection ally that can chump block 1 ATK minions until they keel over: Daredevil ( — eclecticMel · 4