Billy Braddock


Guerrero Araña.

Coste: 3.
Salud: 5.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 1.

Interrupción: cuando Spider-UK defienda contra un ataque, inflige tanto Daño al enemigo atacante como el número de cartas Guerrero Araña que controles.

"La gente necesitará protección y ayuda, y somos los únicos que pueden dársela."
Motivos siniestros #12.

The pre-retaliate (pretaliate?) is very strong. If it defeats the attacker, Billy doesn't take any damage. Three allies, a hero, and Web of Life and Destiny lets him hit for 5, which is a massive amount for effectively no consequential damage. Even if he's just doing an easy 3 damage with no consequential, that's still very good. Against big minions (e.g. Tiger Shark), you can chip them down a little with other attacks and let Billy clean them up.

In a pinch, 5 HP is enough to have a plausible chance of surviving a hit from some villains, and he still gets to pre-retaliate even if he goes down.

Bonus: in addition to all that, he can also slowly remove 4 threat by thwarting. Which is an area Protection often struggles with.

One possible anti-synergy is that Billy's main value is in killing minions: some scenarios are light on minions, and some heroes (Valkyrie) and decks (No Quarter) really want to be doing the minion killing. So if you're on a team with one of those players, you may end up settling for just thwarting and chump blocking, which is still solid.

Hidden weakness: Billy doesn't defeat minions until they're actually attacking. This can be awkward for minions that hinder you with Guard or Patrol, or if you want to flip down to Alter Ego (which will cause the minions to scheme instead of attack).

Overall: A+, would UK again.

Fry · 241
if you think he's A+ now, try him against Sinister Six where his Pretaliate is also canceling entire villain activations! — Death by Chocolate · 4

I really enjoy Spider-UK. He is similar to U.S. Agent: costs 3, has 5 life, and has a retaliate effect.

If you are willing to include other Web-Warrior, Spider-UK can becomes the deadliest retaliating Ally in the game. By simply being a Web-Warrior yourself (Miles or Gwen), he deals two damage instead. With a full suite of Web-Warriors, you could be dealing 4 damage every time Billy defends.

Regardless of the number of Web-Warriors you have, you'll likely get two full Villain blocks out Spider-UK. Additionally, as his ability is worded "When Spider-UK defends against an attack" as opposed to Relatiate, he will deal his damage even if he is defeated.

You can build around him as a minion wrecker, or simply use him to weather attacks, Either way, you will get your value out of Billy Braddock, As a Web-Warrior, he can be the target of Across the Spider-Verse He helps utilize Silk's ability. He can be readied by Spider-Man (Peter Parker). He contributes to Spider-Man (Miles Morales) 3 Web-Warrior requirement.

I rate Spider-UK a A-class card: With no specific building, he is good. In a Web-Warrior build, he is very powerful.

Judicator82 · 125
I would go so far as to say he is S-class. He has Pretaliate that reasonably starts at 2, and can get up to 5 with another two web-warrior allies in play + Web of Life and Destiny. So long as minions have less health than he has attack, he can kill them before they even deal damage from their attacks. — Death by Chocolate · 4
I agree that he is S-class if specifically built for a Web-Warrior Hero with Web-Warriors. Overall, I think he is an A because he brings strict deck building requirements to get to S-tier power level. — Judicator82 · 125