Cost: 3.

Usos (6 contadores de Energía). Máximo de 1 por jugador.

Interrupción obligada: cuando vayas a sufrir cualquier cantidad de Daño, quita ese mismo número de contadores de Energía de esta carta. Por cada contador de Energía que se quite de este modo, se evita 1 de ese Daño.

SP//dr #19.
Generador de campo de fuerza

It's a little bit spendy for how much damage it prevents (3+card for 6 damage), but it does "stack" with whatever else you have going on defensively, so it's a nice backstop to keep your Dauntless active in the event the villain's boost cards don't fall your way, or in case you take some surprise extra attacks from an encounter card. It's also a damage prevention card you can play while you're not in Hero form, which is nice if you're running Meditation or other forms of Alter Ego economy.

And the combo with Repurpose (conveniently in the same hero pack!) is pretty spicy. Absorb 4-5 damage with the energy counters, then mulch your Forcefield Generator for a ready and a sweet +3 to one of your stats.

Fry · 239
This would be a lot better if it wasn't a Forced interrupt. Since it's Forced, spending only 5 counters and then use Repurpose isn't going to be easy. — Killbray · 4